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Mobile Storefronts

Our mobile commerce solutions are affordable for any online retailer and specifically designed for ease of use and attractive display on the current generation of smartphones and mobile devices with sophisticated Internet browsing capabilities such as Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, Palm Pre, Blackberry Storm, Android, Windows Mobile etc.* We can also submit your mobile store to Apple's iTunes App Store to further broaden your reach with customers on the go.** The mobile shopping revolution is in full gear and it's time to get on board.

Mobile Store Pricing

Monthly Price $99
One-Time Setup Fee $399
Submission to Apple Apps Store (optional) $199
Transaction Fee 1.0%
Maximum number of
products you can sell
Automatically Synchronize
Product Data with Yahoo Stores
Affiliate Programs Yes
Merchant Account Integration*** Yes
Google Checkout Integration Yes
Export Order Data Yes


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Your mobile store can be combined with your existing online store so that you can best serve shoppers in any environment. Moonshadow eCommerce can also provide you with a traditional online store at an additional charge if you do not currently have an online store.

*The appearance of your mobile store may vary from device to device depending on the capabilities and sophistication of the smartphone's Internet browser.

**You can also take advantage of our optional feature to submit your mobile store to Apple for inclusion in the Apple iTunes App store as a native app that may be downloaded by iPhone and iPod Touch users.

***Requires a merchant account compatible with PayPal PayFlow Pro or YourPay payment gateway.